Yogita Todwal

What do web design and development entail?

First, let’s see the distinction between web design and development.

The meaning of web design in simple terms:

A web designer creates various graphical elements for usage on the internet. Infographics, advertising, and logos can all be the work of designers. However, a website’s visual appearance and feel are a significant concern.

The following are some of the general tasks undertaken by web designers:

  • Prototypes in the form of wireframes
  • Design the main page, sub-pages, and landing pages
  • Build and redesign websites with developers and project managers

While developing a website, users’ experience (UX) is a primary concern for web designers.  Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are some tools they may utilize to design the parts that make up your website.

Designing with the customer in mind is a new trend in web development called user experience (UX). It is the responsibility of user experience (UX) designers to ensure that websites are responsive to users’ various screen sizes and that the navigation is simple and straightforward.

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